Bus timetables

In the morning, one of our buses departs for Bruges city centre every 30 minutes (8.30 - noon). In the afternoon, buses depart from Bruges to Zeebrugge every half hour. Our timetables take your ship’s departure time into account. The first bus departs four hours before embarkation, and the last departs one hour before embarkation. If your ship overnights in Zeebrugge or it has a sailing time of 10pm: the last bus from Bruges to Zeebrugge is 7pm.


Return Shuttles

We receive your official arrival and departure times 1 day before your arrival by the port authorities. That is why the schedule of return shuttles for your ship is published only 1 day before arrival. The first shuttle back is 4 hours prior to the final embarkation, the last shuttle leaves 1 hour before the final embarkation in Bruges.

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